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Weather Conditions and their Affect on Fishing

.Weather Conditions and their Affect on Beach Spinning Fishing


In general, all over the world, the tide affects fishing. This is a worldwide fact, yet it changes according to your country, season and target fish. In the middle east beaches, fish you are likely to find during summer time are Amberjack and Blue Runner, with and occasional Grouper if you are lucky. It is recommended to fish for them from a rocky shelf in relatively deep waters.

The best tide condition for fishing from a flat rocky shelf is as low as possible, due to the comfort and safety of fishing from a spot you can see and of course the fact that small fish leave their hiding places in the small ponds on the shelf and gather close to the shelf itself, being vulnerable for predators.

When the tide is high, look for those predators in shallow waters with a rocky bottom. The small fish gather close to the rocks, were you might of stood if the tide was low, and the predators seek for them there. Note the importance of casting far, to deep waters, and retrieving towards shallow waters. The chase after the lure will usually start there and the bite itself above the rocks in the shallow spots.

This is a recommendation for al types of spinning all through the year. The best time for spinning is the middle time section between high tide and low tide. This time has a special feature of migration amongst small fish, from nearby the rocks, into the small ponds on the shelf, and vice versa.


The variety of fish one might find along the beach differ according to the different currents along the cost line. During the Summer months, with warm waters coming in, we spot more Amberjack and Blue Runner, and later on some Leer Fish as well. Once the cold currents hit our beaches, there are more Sea Bass, Big Grouper and Barracuda.

A more common and all year round current is the back flow, which is the sea's way to "take back" its water in a constant stream in specific spots on the beach, which are easily found due to the reverse movement of foam. This is the hot spot for predators because fish and other forms of food get swept back to the sea, usually with no ability to object.



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